Kansas City Makers is a volunteer run organization with the simple goal of building community and resources in the greater Kansas City area.  It’s a place for makers, crafters, craft market coordinators, independent boutiques, and other creative folks to share ideas and information.  If you’re looking to connect, share, and learn, we’re here for you.


If you don’t have an indie crafty business, this is a great resource to find new places to shop and new things to love.  We are so grateful you are here because without shoppers, this community wouldn’t exist at all.  Everyone has a choice in how they spend their dollar, and you are using yours to make Kansas City a more vibrant and thriving place.  Sure, you love the wonderful and unique things you find when buying from local shops and artisans, but the creative community loves you even more for your support.


If you have something to share, let us know!  You can submit a listing to our business directory, share your events on our calendar, or just poke around and find lots of helpful info.  We started as a very chatty Facebook group, so, if you’re looking to connect and find info, feel free to start there!  If you’re feeling shy and not sure if this group is for you, we think you’ll find that it is.  We love helping folks just getting started navigate the crafty community in Kansas City and beyond.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if tools like websites and cool plugins were free, especially for community minded organizations?  Of course, that wouldn’t be fair to the hardworking plugin developers, so…I paid all the costs for hosting and cool functions like directories up front because I believe that if we share what we can when we can, everyone grows stronger.  If you can, please consider sharing a few dollars to help offset some of the costs of the website.  As soon as the goal is reached, I will remove the donate button.  Currently, you’ve donated $100 of the $208.60 total costs.  Thank you for your help!!!  For a complete list of associated costs, please email me.  Thank you for your support!


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